Will say that he or she is good at what they do
In such way I’m no different to you.
When other people cruel things of me say
Scant attention to their ignorance I pay
And though I’m not one for to turn the other cheek
Revenge is one thing I for one don’t seek.
When people say my rhymes are doggerel
I never ever tell them go to hell
Since they are entitled to their point of view
Each to their own so happens to be true.
Only say to myself to them ignorance is bliss
The point of respect for others feelings they do seem to miss
With their cruel words they seek their ill renown
By trying to knock the smaller poppies down.
They criticize for criticisms sake
But any criticism of themselves they cannot seem to take
The flaws we have we never seem to see
If you can give you take that’s how ‘twould seem to me.
They criticize the powerless but not those with real power
The hypocrites who seek their glorious hour
By waging war on those in poverty
They tell them we have come to set you free
Of the tyrants who to you have been so cruel
For years you have suffered under their rule
But first of all your Cities we must destroy
And to set you free thousands of your people have to die.
You never condemn people such as these
Enough of your bashing of the powerless please
Those who are liberators in your eyes
In truth are only tyrants in disguise.
We all need recognition it would seem
And each of us should be allowed to dream
But you who knock the smaller poppies down
There’s far too many like you in the Town.

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