Even though you feel graceful and fresh
Go slow and do not create mess
Enjoy with family and spend the time
But think of friends too sometimes
When someone remembers honestly
Don’t forget and reply him hastily
Look towards sky and wait for rain
But think of millions who under go pain
Without water and rainfall for crops
Their life line is disrupted and stops
It is good to expect rainbow
But dram about thoughts to flow
For millions who sleep hungry
Pray for them too with feeling of sorry
Let sunshine make your future very bright
But that may come after great struggle and fight
Everybody has golden dreams to be realized
Strive hard and see that you are not marginalized
I wish for all the same opportunity
To dream and realize as per capability
It may not come true by simply wishing
Some thrust has to be put for its finishing
Explore the space and feel the void
Get strong foothold and avoid
The short cut with strong determination
That may mead to you for full satisfaction…

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