Than a well potted garden plant
At the centre of a tastefully landscaped plot
Even a child’s prank can be more hilarious
Than all the cranky jokes of an acclaimed comedian
Even in the warble of a lonesome bird
There can be more flooding melody
Than in the well tuned violin of a music maestro
There can be greater poetry in a simple ditty
Than in all the lines of verse in a great epic
A tear drop may contain greater salinity
Than all the waters of a great ocean
Perhaps a simple nod of head or a wink of the eye
Communicates much more than a whole bunch of words
I don’t know why I love the dainty flowers of May
More than perhaps the exotic lotus of the day
Don’t we love the homemade fare served with love
More than all the delectable cuisines of a posh restaurant
The small things of life thus,
Prove much bigger than big things
Just as the joy of life is not always ruined by fatal errors
But by the recurrence of injurious little things,
Greatness is achieved not through momentous actions
But by the little things done in a great way

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