Generate enough of heat in body and prepare
Days plan along with routine care
I felt laziness and lacked will power to rise
It was almost new development to me with great surprise
Normally I showed inclination for early get up
Today I felt reverse of it and did not hurry up
Sun rays give enough of energy and keep us fresh
I sensed absence of something and did not rush
It gave pulses of relaxation and sickness in mind
Everything seemed to be out of control and missed essence of its kind
One must adhere to strict normal routine
Everything then runs in time and in line
We may have lot many things to define
But discipline should never be undermined
It is first lesson in life to be punctual
Rest all things can be taken as casual
We can relax when days plan is summed
But ready to go into action as soon as summoned
I felt as if body had lost its vigor
There was no shine on face with its red color
I realized it is not worthwhile to have slackness
Laziness must be shed or pushed away in any case
I shall make this day break as an exception
Such thought should never emerge from the inception
They kill human spirit and push to some inaction
Life must be pushed all the times with vigorous action
The sun is our life time energy source
No one is exerting or can have any type of controlling force
We got to plan as per its movement and act
As everything is dependent and it is established fact

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