But we pass through
An ignorant stage
And that results into food wastage
Poor or rich
Try to reach with compromise
And indulge in show off
We can only lament and laugh at
It is criminal food waste
Which we speak of bad test
Even though no one dies of starvation here
As enough of opportunities are provided without fear
But is it matter of pride?
Where we try to hide
Economic level
And such disaster spells
In marriage or in celebration
There is so much wastage of prepared food and ration
Even though the expenditure is we assured
But wastage by no means can be justified
Equally is the food grain loss
And that costs so much
If some self restriction is employed
I think nation’s concern must be conveyed
Even though public is aware
And left over food is given to poor
But still it takes place
The outrage from public is to be faced

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