Five years to go to retirement I was sixty last birthday
And ever since I’ve started working it’s been uphill all the way.
My ex wife said that I was a drinker that I was too fond of the booze
That was her excuse for leaving she said I was born to lose
But I take it in moderation after work three or four beers
And I’ve been a slave for her and for my children for close to if not twenty years.
Fifteen years ago she left me and she went to live with younger bloke
She got more than half my assets for years to her haven’t spoke
She turned my son and daughter against me and my six grandchildren I don’t see
And I will spend my usual Christmas on my own watching T.V.
Kiwi Dave is a good person though just a little soured by life
And things for him would have been better had he had a faithful wife
‘A woman she can make or break you’ with that who could disagree
Dave could see the truth in those words for who would know better than he? .
For forty five years he’s been working the hard worker Kiwi
And for his ex wife and his children for years he has been a slave
He looks older far than sixty the hard life has made him gray
Five more years left till retirement it’s been uphill all the way.

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