In 1958, there was a girl in my class at school.
Who would many; many years later turn my life around.
We didn’t talk much socially at school;
in fact, we were virtually strangers.
Yet here we are living thousands of miles away
from each other now and we are very good friends.
She found me adrift on the internet one day in December 2006.
At first, I didn’t recognise her name,
but when I saw an old school photograph,
I recognised her straight away.
Many happy memories were soon to fill my head.
We got talking through emails
telling how much each of our lives had changed.
It was through these exchanges
she would turn my life around.
She introduced me to a friend of hers in a roundabout way.
That introduction changed my life forever
in ways I could only dream.
Her friend wrote poetry
and I went along to read them on an internet site,
but had to join to comment.
Since then that friend of hers
has become a very good friend of mine to,
so much so I adopted her as my sister.
After joining the poetry site I put up some old poems of mine,
just to show the world how bad I was.
The joke was on me
because they said I was better than I thought.
One thing led to another and more friends I did gain.
However, Suzy still remains someone special to me.
At school, we might have been strangers,
but we are strangers no more.
In fact, now she feels more like part of my family.
Suzy with her friend gave me my life back in many ways.
Sometimes I think back of those dark days
before she caught me adrift on the internet.
This story isn’t over yet, it still has a long way to run.
Next year I plan to meet Suzy and her friend,
and you can bet your bottom dollar
there will be tears hugs and kisses all around.
For those who don’t know whom Suzy’s friend might be,
her name is Melvina Germain
who also means the world to me.
However, Suzy this poem comes from me to you will love.
Thank you my long lost classmate
for all that you have done.
23 October 2008

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