And now back in Victoria in his old Hometown of Belgrave
A stranger where he was well known before.
His boyhood friends had left Belgrave forever
For to live in places many miles away
From Sherbrooke home of the giant eucalypt trees
The mighty mountain ash and mountain gray.
His old Hometown is now a Town of strangers
Where few even bothered to say ‘good day’
And he felt glad he would be Lismore bound tomorrow
For in Belgrave he had no desire to stay.
He hears again the famous Puffing Billy
Towards Gembrook Puffing up the Selby hill
The old steam train has not changed with times passage
It’s whistle though distinct still sounds quite shrill.
Home in Belgrave but in his Hometown a stranger
And not one of his boyhood mates he see
And the passing years to Belgrave has brought changes
And a stranger in his old home place is he.

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