I was in you, you were in me,
and I was then in a mood to fly.
Naughty clouds partly covered the moon,
a shy moonlight shivering with cold,
stars were peeping, a show too bold,
friendly winds of a late monsoon,
did a lovely job for the thirsty eyes,
they uncovered two lovely moons,
a kind downpour of wet monsoons,
brought a clear view of pinkish dyes.
Two lovely dyes almost exposed,
two brown moons, convex skies,
life on the earth in concave dies,
for the high skies my eyes were closed!
The brownish lover then turned so pink,
how to control the stinging palms?
How to defuse the current in arms?
How to stop the lips from a drink?
‘The weather is nice for the real romance,
and the rains are cold and so warming’,
She said, ‘The moon is too charming, ‘
My eyes are busy with a feminine dance!
Who the fool is watching the moon at skies,
Who the devil wants to watch the lunar eclipse,
For me are the lips, for me the ellipse,
swimming in a sea of a woman’s dyes!

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