I saw upon the television, a 7 year-old girl
Donning a puffy lilac dress with voluminous curls
Her innocent eyes may speak a thousand words
But those that drip from her mouth are far worse
“Granny says, in life as long as you get a good man
Then you are definitely in good hands.”
My blood boils as hot as the lava from Eyjafjallajokul
Who is so dense and utterly so cruel!
To poison young girls thinking they are meant to be wives
It is a drug that shall torture that special one for life.
She will grow up to have no dreams
Her mind a barren land, a polluted stream
Girls are not just meant to be wed
They should have their stand, and their points said
Girls can accomplish marvelous things too!
But, people use their little sinister syringes
Fill the barrel with a prejudice tinge
Slowly pushing the plunger, the virus manifests
The soft flesh gives way to the brutal needle and it spreads
Its tendrils wrapping around, crushing a delicate soul
And look at what they tell the guys?
You are going to be great, so aim high!
You are the next Bill Gates, US President, Beckham and all
As long as you work for it, it’d be yours so stand tall.
I am disgusted; I hate how things work in this world!
You mean girls are destined to be lesser beings?
Don’t you know girls do have feelings?
Why should they let sexism inhibit their aspirations!
Shackles to weigh them down, as boys stare in derision
That’s how patriarch is like; they rob girls to pay boys
I think it’s time to stand up to this nonsense
Girls should not die of preposterous sexism
She deserves a chance in all that she undertakes
She can do it too, but society robs her opportunity
Don’t listen to people when they say it’s up to fate
Girls are not dolls for one to dote upon and dress up
Girls were created to be strong! So chins up!
No, we are not child-bearing machines
We too are not revolting lust-inducing things
She is empowered to do so much more
But patriarch stops her, scared that she really can
Boys rush and fight to get the place she wished for
Tell me, how could your blood not boil in resent?
“But granny says, as long as I marry a good man,
I’ll be in good hands.
She says I have to dress sexy and be whiny
So that I can be a rich man’s little wifey.”
No my girl, you have gotten it all wrong
Girls aren’t sex symbols, that’s derogatory
Girls are capable of so much more
Cast all your inhibitions aside
Join me for this thrilling rebellious ride
Girls are just as good as boys
They can inspire and blaze the trail
Actually, she isn’t all that timid and frail
But people won’t know and they never will
If only society had given her a chance at all.

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