In all you are of praise and blame,
In beauty or in ugliness.
‘Divine Creation’ – What a fraud!
God did not make you . . . You make God.
God lives in me, in all I feel
Of love and hate, of joy and pain,
Of grace and greed, or woe and weal,
Of fear and cheer, of loss and gain:
For good or evil I am He,
Yea, saint or devil, One are we.
God fends and fights in each of us;
His altars we, or bright or dim;
So with no sacerdotal fuss
But worthy act let’s worship Him:
Goodness is Godness – let us be
Deserving of Divinity.
And of His presence be aware,
And by our best His love express;
A gentle word is like a prayer,
A kindly act is holiness:
Don’t let God down; let Him prevail
And write his AMEN to our tale.

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