Going Home

Heading home is like
Plunging into a pool of memories
The old photos, the dusty bike,
Makes one smile, unwittingly

As a child,
I bet I was very wild
I sat in my crib, laughing
Parading my toothless grin, flailing
Chubby arms, spilling food everywhere
Like a sprinkler, targets anywhere

My first prom is forever framed,
In a golden, rosette border, somewhere far away
Sparkling lights, warm hugs, best wishes, gently fade
But it feels as if it’s only yesterday

Now, I gingerly insert my 2nd grad night
A symbolism of how dreams will take flight
Makeup, tuxes, laughter, disco lights,
Pats on my shoulder, saying your route is right.
We wish you all the best for your future so bright
We’ll be friends forever, but for now, goodbye.

I clean off the specks of light, gray dust.
There, in a frame, smiles captured for eternity
2 years,730 days,17520 hours, is really just
Not enough, to call it forever, to end it
It makes me empty, sad, and tears roll down
Like streams, rivers and oceans, I drown
Overwhelmed by the beauty of last time
Things, I can safely call ‘mine’

I end my dive in the waters of memories
But, I feel like staying forever
Permanently, replaying the vibrant party
I surfaced, yet I drowned in it.
Good times aren’t here to stay
One day, they quietly fade away.
But still, these things keep me warm inside
Joyful, ecstatic on the outside
Through all the times and tides, the blessed unrest
We have weaved a legacy that stood the test.

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