You may be in your late fifties but I am eighty two
And one might say I’ve been around so much longer than you.
For her years she looks spritely a real old evergreen
And she is a very happy soul the one known as Glasgow Jean
Sixty two years in Melbourne but her accent with her stay
She brought it down south with her from her Hometown far away.
The only man she ever loved he died in World war 2
Her dream of growing old with him for her did not come true
She carried his child and tragically for her the baby girl arrived stillborn
And in her crown of sorrows another painful thorn.
She never married or had more children true love once came her way
And as a single woman she has grown old and gray
But on Saturday evenings at the R S L Club the singalong she enjoy
And when she is asked for to sing a song to sing she is not shy.
I often meet her at the Cafe and on parting she always say
Goodbye and luck be with you for to help you on life’s way
She is such a grand old lady and a real old evergreen
And she makes a new friend every day my dear friend Glasgow Jean.

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