Greatest is God, who created the motherly love,
What of women even poisonous reptiles
and beasts born in anarchy of forests,
are bestowed upon with beauty of mothers,
and what of mothers who breathe and think,
even mothers who just breathe and cannot think,
play witty tricks, quiet fair in love.
For maximum protection to their tiny embryo,
sleeping in the cradle of amazing seeds,
sometimes wrap sweethearts in a hard blanket,
sometimes make them too bitter to protect,
and to see the game of love continued,
make them paratroopers to invade new lands,
these paratroopers fly as long as they can,
and land somewhere far from their mothers,
on the arms of the loving grandmother,
and their grandmother hides the infant,
in her old but hot and fertile blanket,
welcomes her grandchild with heavenly love,
and sings a sweet lullaby for the embryo,
she invites the clouds for the rains it needs.
Oh clouds! Why don’t you make me soft,
my grandchild is sleeping in my dry arms,
awake the cute to grow in a plant,
I want to see his growing charms.
Oh winds! Quietly make the clouds,
your artistic wit you may nicely apply,
love violently the moisture of seas,
give birth to a fairy who can fly on sky.
Oh seas! Donate moisture to the winds,
You’ll love the magic when a fairy dances,
nature will return whatever you donate,
play your role in love and romances.
Oh mountains! Kiss and touch it’s your fairy,
let her smile and scatter the shining pearls,
and leave some in the ways of falling sun,
let a mother work for rainbow’s curls.
Oh earth! Listen to sky’s alarming beep, ,
be a little soft, shake the embryo in sleep,
spread some water on a sleep so deep,
open a new window and let him peep,
Oh you! The new life you can’t crawl,
but with a grandmother you can creep,
grow high in the sky with many glow worms,
scatter colors and aroma get rid of the sleep.
When I see a plant having flowers and fruits
I salute to motherly love nonparallel in all,
with a due tribute to my old mother earth,
and all the mothers and grandmothers,
dwelling on the face of their mother earth,
their mother earth and my mother earth
my love my tribute to all the mothers.
If a flower of tribute is left in my humble heart
after I make a garland for the lovely great mothers,
who gave birth to Jesus and Muhammad!
(This year birth days of Jesus and Muhammad are so much close)

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