We would have,
Would have heards about
Had there been it.
Even though Indian English is not Indian English
In the absence of some native speakers
Or a feeder dialect
Or as for not being spoken
In nonedescript and dark Indian villages
Of the thorps and hamlets
Of the far flung countryside
Then how to speak of northeast Indian English poetry,
A sub-clause, an under section
Of Indian English poetry?
If Indian English language is not Indian English language,
Indian English poetry is not Indian English poetry
Then what to say it more,
How to say it English,
English English,
Indian Indian,
Read in translation,
Am I right?
Even now Indian English poetry is not Indian English poetry
To the English,
Indian Englsih poetry is poetry
Practised and attempted by the non-English speakers,
The foreign learners of it
Who use it as a second language,
Learnt laboriously,
Trying to be proficient in, conversant with,
Using as a link language,
A library-consulting one.
If this be the case with Indian English poetry
Then what to say in this regard
Ad for the northeast Indian English poetry
Of the novice practitioners,
Just thebbeginners of it
And lo, they have started teaching them in classes,
Prescribing for the college courses!
If Indian English language itself is not Indian English language
As there is nothing like
Chinese English, Korean English, Japanese English,
So how to brand it
Northeastern Indian English poetry,
Even now English poetry from the northeast,
Let the practicing poets
Who have just started to write
Struggle, suffer and hone in
To be poets and poetesses,
But please use it not as a banner
Or a grafitti or a bill
Or a festoon
To self-promote it.
Northeast, northeast Indian English poetry,
Northeast, northeast Indian English criticism,
If Indian English poetry itself is not Indian English poetry
Then, then what to say it more,
If Indian English poetry criticism itself is not
Then, then what to say it more
Rather than Indian literatures in English?
And this is what none said to so far,
The criticism of Indian literatures in English,
A stock-taking of Indian dialects
None has taken that..

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