He came to the place of peace and was caught by the people;
But to cast away all odds is what the people are about to judge.
The boy is his son of hope for the future,
But disturb me not when i am gone oh fairest love;
And years rolled around this town to tell a story to the unborn.
Seing obedience is the bond of rule,
And to stage like his fellow man with the crown of his rule;
There he learnt that love is the key of life.
I will be very rich and be waiting for you,
For the evil that he has done is still hanging around;
But as the sun went down to sleep,
I went into the deep red sea with my muse.
They fought the dogs but they rather killed the cats,
And the women are now weeping for their lovers;
And like the spider in the palace of a king.

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