But for his soul there is no need for prayer
For if there’s a heaven he is surely there.
He had his human frailties like us all
But his stronger points are what we should recall
And he was one who had integrity
And he will be remembered for his honesty.
Though born and raised in England Millstreet his favourite place
And in Millstreet Town his was a well known face
But he did not live to see his children grow
And he died far from where Finnow waters flow.
He expired in his forties as a youngish man
And he wasn’t granted such a lengthy span
He could be healthy and still living today
But suppose it wasn’t meant to be that way.
In years from now he’ll be remembered still
In that old Town by ancient Clara hill
The Millstreet that he loved as his Homeplace
where his became a well known and loved face.
One thing for sure in life is we all must die
And on looking back those years just seem to fly
And perhaps from life’s cares he found a release
And Tony Galvin may he rest in peace.

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