But he overlook one thing important that God does not live out there God lives within
And despite of how he feels about himself he is not the greatest of men.
He does not speak to his next door neighbour over the placement of the boundary fence
About an inch or two this way or that way it really doesn’t make that much sense
He took him to court though he lost out when the judge he dismissed the case
And like many self righteous people the truth he cannot or will not embrace.
He goes to his church every sunday though he does not like the boat refugees
And he feels they should be sent back to their Homelands war ravaged Lands beyond the seas
He claims they are only queue jumpers and for them can’t feel sympathy
And he feels he is a God loving fair minded person though I hope that his God is fairer than he.
He is such a God fearing fellow and he goes to the church on sundays
To join with the other church goers in prayer and in singing songs of praise
But he doesn’t show much compassion for the Stateless and the downtrod
And he is not a humanatarian though he is a follower of God.

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