He forgot about and never realised
That he would want comfort
And at times support
He thought that the loneliness
Was better than voices
He walked through his life
Never wanting a friend
Until one day
He found a pup cast astray
He picked it up and took it home with him
He loved it and comforted it
As he walked onward to the future
He now had his only friend
Everywhere he went his friend walked at his side
But as the years went forward
Age no one could hide
His friend grew older
Until finally one day he died
For days and night
He sat alone and cried
The shadows crept forward,
and retreated with the sun
It was at this time
He wished he had someone
Walking everywhere his head bowed
Trying to hide himself away
But the world has a way
Of creeping up on you
When you least expect it
A speeding car,
a screech of brakes
That is all it ever takes
He saw in a second
What was going to happen
(7 April 2007)

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