Her husband often beat her till enough one day she cried
And on a restraining order placed on him by the courts he was forced to abide.
The son and daughter their three years of marriage brought she did raise on her own
Now in their mid twenties success in life they’ve known
She never did remarry for her once bitten twice shy
Though many do give marriage at least another try.
Her marriage that started in love and happiness ended for her in tears
And the callous man she married she has not seen for years
For a kind and loving fellow she would have made a good wife
But few loves do last until death such are the ways of life.
Though the passing of the Seasons on her begin to tell
For one of forty seven she does look rather well
She did look rather lovely some twenty years ago
But on the very finest the passing decades show.
One of the finest of the mature women to walk the streets of Town
She’s had three marriage proposals and each she has turned down
She never will re-marry once bitten twice shy
An old saying with some truth to it and those words to her apply.

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