Yet it is inevitable and must be taken
The words did hurt me more when they were spoken
I love peace and behave as normal man
Same way it may be with caring woman
Sometimes things go out of control and slip away
Make rupture in relation and find no way
It just child like behavior with acts
They may not be ware of the simple facts
Whether in drunken state or in routine way
It compels person to keep distance and stay away
Nights are very cool and only answer
All complaints vanish in seconds and rain shower
What makes them to forget complete bitterness?
Bring all the happiness and shine on the face
It is nice tool to serve the mankind
Some scuffle or downward trend no one may mind
They must try sincerely for the reasonable way out
Otherwise there won’t be anything to talk about
First and foremost thing is to break the impasse
The beauty lies in its worthwhile fairness as class
How come you go with innocent face to compromise?
Forget about adamant stand and start with fresh promises
Life can be made full of love with happy journey
Such things can’t be had with the help of money
You may feel it great when receive warm welcome
Wife is at the door and waiting for arrival at home
It is royal stay in each other’s embrace
Poor and rich enjoy with same shine on face
Nothing to loose but everything to gain
Joy and happiness all over without any pain
Life can be made or look like calm ocean
It is our duty to keep it blue and clean
Little movement underneath belt may aggravate
The vehicle may certainly crash at the gate
I may sleep today with eyes open
Give a second chance to reopen
Old relation with strong resolve
Stay together and fully involve

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