It is temperamentally not suiting
We may know it but still muting
We will close the eyes and pass
We will not extend hand at last
We have no sympathy for passers by
We desperately do things and other ways try
We have ready made reasons to ask for excuses
It may not solve the problems but complicate and confuse
It will increase defeatist tendencies in future
It will make you vulnerable through out life’s tenure
“To err is human” many may argue and forward
This is the only reason to in digest insult and fall backward
What does it indicate when you say you are helpless?
Where as matter of fact is that you are trying only less
You are escaping every time and this makes you easy
You may think almighty is happy with you and picture is rosy
Think seriously at once what will be fate if you miss only once
You will loose everything and watch helplessly from the fence

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