And rationality making him to have economical thinking
With soaring ambition of heart to be aggressively active!
The toy or weapon man has taken to deal all matters are
Economy and technology to act as a warrior in business
And politics to achieve personal targets so as to be
Top number one in the competitive modern material world!
Due to that, whole world humanity is in doldrums ever
Since everyone has to act according to the diktats of
Those beastly adventurers in public affairs bringing
Untoward situation and circumstance difficult to tackle!
History and literature are neglected in studies as all
Are prepared to attend competition in all to be fit for
Facing gladiator type arena in all walks of life to
Stand steadfast to survive, sustain and succeed ever!
Humanity is gasping for breath like the fish out of
Sea to pull on the days among the unsuitable companions
In all walks of life and human life of the world sure
In such a way all pray for drastic change in society!

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