It is pollution,
I have polluted the air,
I have polluted the water,
I have polluted the rivers,
I have polluted the oceans
I have shaved the forests.
I am trying to kill my mother,
How ignorant I am,
I know she will survive always,
If anyone is to die it’s me,
I am born to die,
But before my death,
I am leaving behind my children,
I am struggling for their present,
I am struggling for their future,
But what will be the future of my grand grandchildren?
My mother will not die,
Even if she goes in coma,
She will get up once again,
With my green brothers and sisters,
My race will die,
But she will give birth to another race,
Just a matter of time,
Even if it takes millions of years,
My mother will come out of the coma,
But I will not see that spring,
I will not see the virgin snow falls,
I will not see those lake and streams
I will not see the virgin rivers,
I will not see the virgin oceans,
That will be a virgin race of my brothers and sisters,
Smiling in the cradle of her lovely arms!
The ozone belt if damaged too much,
Will increase temperature of the earth,
Glaciers will melt,
Sea level will rise,
Most of the earth,
Will turn into oceans!
A mother is a mother,
It’s a matter of time,
The mother can replace the existing sons,
Like me with slow poisons!

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