I am fond of those dykes

really they are very few
in this world though they
are mostly adulterated,
still they are, I believe,
full of love and milk
please, do not de sacred
them, do not love too
much deep to be called
a fanatic, look at the sky
there is only one bright star,
after so much churning
whatever you produce
is not nectar, in the term
of that in disguise, it is
a great fallacy as no hills
under the ground covered
with much greens, remember
only rivers flow with honey
when you are in fantasy,
one more thing, fruits are
sweeter but when they are
made forbidden and, so,
no fire can acts like a balm
on your burning, do not try
to cover that bright star,
you will burn yourself only,
clever are those who go near
to it for its blessings.

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