People try to cheat me by sheer lies
I take no notes or care for such follies
It pinches me from deep heart
People have made it as deceiving art
They use it frequently one or another pretext
Make the target one by one and wait for next
They long for one day strategy
Enjoy today and don’t think much or worry
Let people feel anything about deception
They are very much afraid of hostile reception
How can you be that illogical with human behavior?
We are here to act for the humanity and as savior
How can we go on making endless lies for no cause?
That too continuously unabated without any pause
I am totally disillusioned with such tendency
It is on tremendous rise with unstoppable frequency
I see no end to such intentions in near future
I too realize it as human weakness and fail to assure
I can’t term it total sin
But generally it is observed and seen
We laugh at people’s flight
Add more woes and make the situation very tight

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