Not because of him either
I have nothing else to offer
I was very much jealous
He was dear and famous
A tall figure and handsome
But could prove troublesome
This thought itself irked me
I was caged now and never felt free
I might sometimes unnecessarily poke
The relation in turn may remain under smoke
Still I feel bad at heart
As I have not mastered the illusory art
Where people put up false show
Never allow the opportunity to go
I made a mess out of it
I scolded him and refused to greet
It was most near to tragic end
We were soon to become unknown friend
Women should be tolerant as ever
As her man is not likely to be forever
Some may succeed permanently
But others sometimes fail miserably
I made it point to learn in life
It is not easy to claim as good wife
It needs tolerance as first prelude
And then good show with nice attitude
I have good sense to patch up and improve
Show to him that I do care about and prove
Women may be jealous but not that blind
Where she has to from door to door for advice and find
It as all about sweet relation
That is needed both by man and woman
No one must end it bitterly
As one must be wise enough to burn the fingers knowingly

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