Or if you came from a near Nation or to get here you did travel far
The only thing I wish to know of you is what sort of a person you are?
I do not want to know of your social status or what sort of work that you do
Those things ought not to be seen as important in any assessment of you
Or if you are in low paid employment or if you have to live off of welfare
What matters is that you are a good person and about the sufferings of others you care.
I do not want to know if you are an atheist or if in a God you believe
Only want to know that you are honest and others you do not deceive
It is the quality of your set of values that from others will set you apart
A wealthy rogue not a good person for kindness must come from the heart.
I do not want to know if you are financially well off or if you are living in poverty
Your financial state it should not matter or at least it does not matter to me
If you are a monarch or a pauper at the end of your life to much won’t amount
That you are a good living person is the only thing that ought to count.

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