The things they believe in I struggle to comprehend
Sometimes I do feel that I don’t have a friend.
On some issues they hold quite strong racist views
And to those who are different they don’t give fair dues
I argue with them about colour and race
But they think that’s funny they laugh in my face.
At the Local Pub with them I socialize
And to some I’m a Redneck just one of the boys
They say the company you keep tells all about you
But that’s an assumption and not always true.
Before those of royal birth walked they too learned how to crawl
And I’m one who believes in a fair go for all
But equality as such never was the in thing
And ’tis only of the wealthy and famous that some people sing.
The word loser is used in a disparaging way
And we hurt others feelings by the cruel things we say
‘Tis each for themselves in the big World out there
And many through life heavy crosses must bear.
My friends at the pub I don’t see much of them of late
And sometimes I do feel that I don’t have a mate
They do not believe in a fair go for all
But before we all walked we first learned how to crawl.

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