I don’t count how many approached

With so much of temptation and great urge
The amount involved in it was very large
I battled with conscious
It invaded constantly, non stop and continuous
It was enough to shake anybody’s belief
As it was intended to give much relief
How many may be living without any roof?
How many might have built houses with such proof?
They did surrender with only one aim
Life must be spent smoothly without any disputed claim
Who would not want to be a rich?
If that is within grasp or reach
No one is needed to be taught?
Whether it is rightly or wrongly to be brought
One must have restricted needs
It must also depend on noble deeds
It may make you wealthy overnight
Your conscious may rebel against and make you not feel right
If you can feel contended then nothing is like good
You need only something to supplement as food
Not much is needed like precious diamond and gold
They won’t be of any use when you grow old
I would carry only simple ring
That may remind me when in morning cuckoo may sing
I will have sweet recollection of what went good in past
As life has brought us to cross road very fast
I had only dreamed of having good companion
She was to cement the bond and make it strong union
Rest all were to follow as an outcome of peaceful search
If not all but something was to be had as an easy reach
Let us carry on humbly on agreed route
It is better to accept it as fate and remain mute
Nothing can materialize even if we desperately try
There is no need to show greed and later on cry

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