No one should appreciate it or reject
It does not help more with enthusiasm to inject
Tomorrow is cricket world cup final on native ground
Many may be openly worshipping and freely found
That does not mean we shall not ask for same blessings
For our opponent team in case something goes missing
We want the country should emerge as clear winner
Both the teams are fully equipped but still fear
What will be reaction at home when they return?
The home crowd may turn hostile in turn
Each second may be missing our heart beats
The war of nerves and may favor the fortune for fit
Millions may raise their hands in prayer
One by one the uncertainty may disappear from the layers
It is nice to be on the home side and pray for success
It is equally important to be polite with full access
At no stage it must create little apprehension of bias
The sport must have salient feature thus
I wish sports flag fly high in the sky
Let each team whole heartedly struggle or try
The able and strong may win the game
The honor and glory must go without any blame
I wish full blast from their bats
Let them pounce like hunter cats
Have pound of flash as final reward
Look for better finish with glorious awards
I fear no unruly scene on the glorious day
As people are responsible and know the way
Visitors are honored guests and always welcome
The finals cup races may go and again come
Let us join hands for healthy competition
It should not have any ugly repetition
We, as country, raise our head in recognition
Let no untoward incident prove it as powerful ignition

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