I put them on and laced them tight
soon I felt ready for a fight.
When down the road I strode with joy
I was approached by a small boy.
He pointed at the tree-lined street
and then looked down on my two feet.
The street was covered with much vermin
a priest stood there and spoke his sermon.
It seemed as if the world had changed
from almost sane to quite deranged.
The vermin moved their ugly legs
the boy said that they might lay eggs
and overpopulate the town
and that we ought to put them down.
So I, who was the volunteer,
I put my giant shoes in gear.
And trampled all the sordid creatures
until they’d lost their ugly features.
The priest and even the small boy
came running, smiling, full of joy.
The world had now been cleaned of evil
except perhaps for one small weevil.
Oh, that our dreams could be fulfilled
and goodness onto man be willed.
So if you ever get the blues
you must put on your giant shoes.

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