I lost my infancy,
I lost my childhood,
I lost my youth,
I lost my age when
I was really matured,
I’m not an old man,
I’m a child once again,
I play with my grand children,
I smile with them,
I cry with with them,
I have a careful look,
I see the old lady is sleeping,
I walk like a clever cat,
I’ve a key of her cold refrigerator,
I steal chocolate and candies,
I run on the stairs like a mouse,
I see my grand children follow me,
I sit on the roof in a cold winter,
I enjoy what I stole from the cold pantry,
I enjoy sharing it with my grandchildren.
I feel hug of the sun approving my theft,
I share it on their fine foreheads,
I see prints of chocolate lips,
I see a write of God on it,
‘I have created you for a theft,
I saw you forgot stealing,
I, therefore, made you once again a child,
I hope by the night coming after dusk,
I’ll see you grown up for further stealing,
I am already working on the old lady,
I know what she is dreaming for the night’

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