Complete calm and lull prevailed in atmosphere
I was in search of peace to come from somewhere
It is said” peace descend in the early morning”
As all divinity and blessings start from the evening
God too go for quiet retirement and think of universe
And think of the human beings to relieve from the curses
I believer strongly in some of the powers
Sometimes it compels me to seek some the answers
I think in isolation of great divinely feeling
Even though I am quite calm and no pressure is reeling
Yes, it is fact and no one can dispute
It may inject spirit and to all may suit
Whether they are singers, philosophers or loiters
It is just the same for those whoever wishes to enter
The birds sing in melodious tune
I definitely see some good fortune
Not in terms of material or money
It is time to laugh at or look funny
There is hidden energy to feel its first pulse
The cool wind may make touch and get repulsed
This will energies the pulses to become active
Harness in right direction without being called reactive
The sun is waiting to make its first appearance
All are in hurry to disappear at once
It is time to say good bye to old unsettled things
Prepare for final assault and to score for something
Each day to bring new hope with some results
New ideas come up in quick way and built
Each one with restrictions and certain limit
Decision is to be taken in a manner to be considered as fit
Soon the breeze will go away and sun may shine
I may look fresh and feel very fine
I may have nothing to do for it to look adventurous
But certainly it will be pursued as goal and continuous

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