I no longer deny it.
How could you leave me?
How could you decide…
Your life lived without me was best?
For who?
I hate you!
I hate you keeping me up at nights.
Wondering if you are being treated right.
If whoever you are with now…
Know what you like and that appetite of yours.
I hate you for making my heartbreak.
With aching I can not shake.
I look and see your face…
Everywhere and every place it seems.
In my dreams I am pleading that you stay.
And when I awaken…
I realize you have actually gone away!
I hate you for doing this…
To us without a ponder.
But a quick dismiss!
I hate you!
With so much love.
And I know it is that ‘me’!
That ‘me’ I need to fix.
Will you give me a chance to do it?

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