I was damn curious about its impact for sure
More and more peope can be taken or be lured
Who can claim are is dead and can’t be revived?
The nature can be protected and survived
The art form of presentation thorugh words
A clear road ahead for looking forward
The beautiful seasons with lot of messages
The plants and trees laden with fruits for all ages
It is sourceof new aspiration for poets to compose
It is question faith and duty to repose
The natue may catch our imagination
Provide all impetus for words expression
Is it not time to come out of stem root?
Easy and free walk on lawn with bare foot
Everything is natural and unique
You can’t make stories or cook
It is felt and realized internally
The fact is recognized internationally
We may term it as pure imagery
It is heart and soul or mixture of both to poetry
It is clerence and nod for our entry
It is realization of feeling and not mystery
Let it not be made laughable academical
Nothing should be added to make it comical
It is purest form of prayers through words
All sincerity and truthfulness to dear lords
The words are more powerful than sharp edge
It has no language barrier or any age
It can come out at any time and at any place
It is purely a coincidence and not simple race

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