Some of the love appeals made me to think
Was there anything more to write?
Since the advent of net it has become possible
Not to go through various books and struggle
Many poetess do appear here with their presentation
To some extent it settles the anxiety and question
‘Assume for me as your fiancée’
How the words may flow frank and free?
I posed a question to invite reaction
‘I can not love any one ‘was the answer
We are not hunting anyone here
‘Even if it takes place’ may not be fare
We can share laugh, joy and sadness
As it may lessen worries on the face
I found many people with happy memory
They had found their love and never felt sorry
‘I have no desire to open window’ I read one reply
‘I had enough of it so can not allow’ now I felt shy
Such version may surely speak of setback
In life at some times when so much was at stake
We are least bothered about the sad part
As no one may believe or put trust from the start
‘Net is not the place’ one poetess bluntly remarked
‘There are many things to hide’ and this can be sparked
I got her point and begged more of her precious time
‘I am honored ‘as you have asked me at this crucial time
Net can’t be real world for us to come closer
I sued to ask this to many as serious poser
Many may advance for it but with caution
As there prevailed no answer but only confusion
‘I thought it not as bad world’
Compared to that of dream in illusory fold
At least here you were faced only views
They were to disappear soon as morning dew

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