I felt happy for to meet him as I’d not seen him for six years
And we talked about the good times as we sunk a couple of beers.
A man in his middle forties with a head of silvery hair
A happy go lucky fellow who never seems to have a care
He’s worked all around Australia he’s been there and he’s done that
He has worked far north of Cairns and laid pipes near Ballarat.
He and Joe Coughlan worked together in the Buninyong mud and clay
Sub contracting to Cunningham and Kelleher and they made a hard job pay
They worked hard there through the Summer from mid January till May
And much later on they parted and they went their separate way.
He talked of the jobs he’d worked at and the things he’d done and seen
Since he left his home in Ireland seven miles from Skibbereen
He left west Cork in 1966 and he now is fifty four
And he’s not been back to Ireland for some twenty years or more.
He has worked around Australia he has laid pipes with the best
And I met him in Wonthaggi in the lounge of Miner’s Rest
That great character Pat Evans I’d not seen him for six years
And he told me of his exploits as we sunk a couple of beers.

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