Myself, my image, my ego,
I loved.
I loved my eyes,
For beautiful sights,
For poems I read,
For watching a mirror.
I loved my ears,
For hearing the others,
For the tunes I like,
For hearing my own speech.
I loved my tongue,
For speaking the others,
For tasting something delicious,
For expressing myself.
I loved my nose,
For smelling the fragrance,
For exciting my apathy,
For my own appetite.
I loved my body as a whole,
For joyful touches,
For all my acts,
For me only me.
I never hated anyone,
It’s me only me,
Myself, my image, my ego,
I hated.
I hated my eyes,
For ugly sights,
For my foolish writes,
For my face in a mirror.
I hated my ears,
For hearing myself,
For my bathroom singing,
For the tunes I dislike.
I hated my tongue,
For abusing others,
For tasting the medicines,
For the foods I dislike.
I hated my nose,
For smelling something bad,
For breathing troubles,
For sleeping opened mouth,
I hated my body as a whole,
For my pains and allergies,
For my all ugly acts.
For me only me.
Please wait I’m wrong,
I forgot my soul,
My soul loves you,
It’s you, only you.

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