Words which impressed me most
I started writing
Seeing paper after paper
Getting filled with a deluge of words
I felt so thrilled
Like an artist looking at a painting
I viewed it casually from a distance
And saw words become colours
My prodigality with words impressed me
I gloated over my ability as a writer
Lo! A work of literature in crude form
Stood ready, willing to be chipped and shaped
All that left was to give it a form
A stroke here and there
A finishing touch!
‘It’s all so damn easy
I shall keep the thing aside
Ample time lies ahead
I can now relax, take a break’
I said to myself, self complacent
Days slipped by, months rolled away
One day I took out the scroll
Dusting it and wiping the cobwebs away
Read through it slowly
My former illusion just faded away
Words stuck out here and there
Making no coherent sense
All I found was a jumbled, jotted mass
To me ere they looked lovely dames
Colorfully dressed up for a mega show
My eyes got dazzled by their costume
When I waited for them to fall in line
Gyrating in rhythmic steps
They stood still, a disorderly mass
Refusing to budge an inch
Unwilling to sway to a rhyme
Lost in a barren desert of words
With each grain looking similar
Lacking uniqueness
I drew the curtain until
The writer’s block would be lifted!

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