To release a freshened and creative point of view!
Unjaded by perceptions,
Becoming tainted by lack of drive and motivation.
I remember the days I sought ways to alarm.
To raise the hair on the backs of necks.
And to instantly fold arms…
By those totally disgusted!
But today I complete,
With those exposing their butts on urban streets.
And cussing with abandonment.
And not one eyebrow I see is lifted.
It use to make me happy to upset by surprise.
That was easy for me then to do.
Since I kept my true talents hidden in disguise.
Today it has become ‘work’!
With no fun in it at all!
Especially when misfits are getting attention.
And everyone tries to look like them…
By spending every dime they’ve got at the malls.
And I had provided my weirdness absolutely free!
Genuine I had been with unique ceativity!
Today freaks are ‘in’!
And I am regarded as common as Maple trees.
Where is the justice in this?

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