It was unbearable for him and felt uneasy
I could notice it but forgot as remained busy
Many have often said “child’s mind is like plant”
You can mould it they you wish or want
It needs simple care and little attention
This thing child may pick up for future retention
I felt sore at being harsh and unreasonable
It was to be advised to him as no trouble
Something child may take very pleasantly
This is supposed to be the right trend presently
Why some of the parents later face some gaps
Child remembers harshness and often blows or slaps
This impression makes him little adamant in gesture
He rages with anger and determines something for future
As we know it from the experience and from tales
That good education and environment definitely sales
The child becomes all the more prone to good behavior
Parents may be considered as next to the God or savior
Certain noble thought we give them in inheritance
Child picks it easily and can be known from visible stance
He may have bluntness with full authority and knowledge
He may drive through and through with clear edge
I have seen such impact in some of the brilliant students
They have come out successfully and passed through critical events
Yet they resent the past attitude on the part of parents
As it had demoralized them by making serious dents
I understand now how it can cause damage
How individual should be allowed to come up with age
Not forgetting the facts of nature for good environment
So later on not face such harsh and unpleasant comments

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