landed on a bale of hay.
I gave a second look
making sure my yes did not deceive me.
Oh, there is was for sure
a pink and purple spaceship
perched on a bale of hay.
I looked at it for a while in disbelief,
then a door opened, and a series of steps extended.
Two brightly coloured aliens
emerged from the craft
and raised a hand in peace.
To duplicate the greeting
I raise my hand too
The shorter alien approached me.
I smiled and stuck my hand out.
They stuck a finger out
and touched one of mine.
A blue flash exploded
as our two fingers met.
Like a bolt of lightning,
I felt a tingling feeling inside.
The alien gave out a loud groan
and then collapsed on the ground.
“Oh my, what is wrong with them? ”
I asked as I went to pick up the alien.
The other alien joined me saying.
“They will be all right.
It is the first time with an earthling.”
“First time for what? ”
I wanted to know.
“First time for sex with an earthling.”
The alien declared. “Don’t worry;
my sister will be all right when she’s finished.”
I looked at both of them
and could not believe what I heard.
I had sex with an alien,
now that is absurd.
The alien carried his sister
back to their space ship
closed the door, took up the stairs
and off they went back out to space.
Several months went by
and that pink and purple spaceship
one day returned.
Only this time three aliens emerged.
One of them, the shortest one
had a strange resemblance to me.
The only difference being
was the colour it was bright florescent blue.
The second shortest,
the one I’d seen before
extended a finger and as it touched mine
the blue flash exploded once again.
They hurried back to their spaceship,
their work for the day done.
Months later when I saw them
there was half a dozen of them.
That concludes my story
of my alien family
and how it all began
with one big blue flash.
22 February 2011

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