Let not my past be proof
all to the contrary; it is
a selfish wish, you knew,
but I am human, God, I wish
you gave me just a bit of time,
a bit of love and your compassion.
I want her safe again, and full
of health and much vitality.
So could you do this or perhaps
your son, by name of Jesus,
so familiar to us, would he be near?
He’d heal her lungs and fix those valves,
inside her beating heart, he’d do it all
without man’s pills and potions,
without the constant drip, and I would be
a model human for you, as you can surmise.
I know, when I was small I’d do the same,
call upon you to bail me out, to swoop
and to protect as well as change
things as they were, to suit my current plans.
If I forgot to honour any pledges, Sir,
I shall be good for double, you can bet on that.
And if you missed me on those Sundays,
churches aren’t my thing, your house of God is
what they say but it is you I need the most,
and I do need your intervention more than life.

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