Amongst the Georgian poets of Great Britain he still is rated as one of the best
His poems of genius works of inspiration born of his sympathy for the oppressed.
A friend of Rupert Brooke’s and a war soldier and as a poet not many great as he
The poet from Hexham a down to earth fellow and for the poor in his poems you see empathy
He died in sixty two when I was a teenager at the ripe old age of eighty four
The poet may be gone to the grim reaper but in his poems he’ll live forever more.
I love the poems of Wilfred Wilson Gibson you see in them originality
And you see in them the hallmark of the genius the majic of the poet in his poetry
‘Flannan’s isle’ and ‘The Hare’ works of great beauty and I’ve read and re-read ‘The Dancing Seal’
The poet in his poems will live forever and his marvellous verses border the surreal.
One of the great poets of the Georgian era his poems live on in literary history
You read the poems of the great poet from Hexham and they will live on in your memory
And through his poems the poet will live forever for as long as poetry lives his name won’t die
And in his poems the hallmark of the genius and he left them for others to enjoy.

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