It is complete in full sense with all answers
Its essence will be accepted by only fewer
I read and reread the holy book
I have no reason to believe it is fluke
The message has got its weight
Only it is to be understood in context and very right
Some of the messages do not appeal
All kind of confusion persists and prevails
I see no one around to clear the doubts
I go deep and very deep with “ifs” and “buts”
Lord, I have no place to go and plead
I see in your merciful eyes and try to read
You are in pain and anguish
Yet love for mankind is not finished
Where from that love and tolerance comes?
Why do you accept everybody and welcome?
All perpetuators and wrong does get easy reprieve
You have same eye with affection even if they deceive
I hear bells from the distance
It enlightens me with no disturbance
How much peace and comfort with your presence?
I sincerely bow down and fold my hands at once
I close the eyes and slip in memory to feel
You were undergoing pain and anguish still
We are still not true to your word and message
You keep generous eyes for our clear passage
I see smile with tears on your face
You are amused and troubled at mad race
You are unsure of what we have understood
Whether we will do anything if at all good
What does the soul try to search?
Why good words fall on deaf ears even if you preach?
Holy words are not meant to be taught?
The sprit strengthens on which lines to be fought
At point of given time, you will be forced to commit
All venom to come out from heart and vomit
The suicidal tendencies my try to come on fore
But the merciful eyes may not allow it therefore
You have gone off the right track
You have no resolve to repay it back
Where has He asked anything in return?
Still you do not find trust with words in turn?
You do not wait for words to be known
Your action and conduct may become well-known
You may get whatever you want for selfless service
This is clear message and assured with the promise
“I shall serve the destitute and poor”
“I shall not differntiate the wrong doer”
“All are my children and reside in heart”
“Chant the hymns and lead the happy life from the start”

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