As most politicians are deceitful they are a crooked sort of breed
And I’ve little love for tricksters or twisted men of greed.
For the noble politicians one must go back in time and years
For the men who earned their peoples trust and won the critics cheers
Men like America’s Abraham Lincoln one of the greatest Statesmen of them all
And India’s great Ghandi and the Frenchman Charles De Gaulle.
Not that many Politicians have won their people’s unreserved acclaim
Since the brilliant Dan O Connell the man from Derrynane
In the British house of Parliament when all of Ireland’s people were subject to the crown
The genius of O Connell for him won Worldwide renown.
And so you support a political party who have helped you in some way
Then you are doing the proper thing my friend as a favour done you ought repay
But if you support a political party just for love and not for gain
Then you must be one great idiot ‘Tom Fool’ should have been your name

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