Continual platitudes don’t do it!
A barrage of compliments…
I can see right through it!
Flattery is okay,
For those with egos to display.
But my needs are simplistic.
As are my desires.
I’m not one to race off into the woods…
To show how good I am,
At making bonfires!
Show me you can be yourself.
That’s all I want to see.
I’m not asking for your resumé.
I wish to discover your hidden qualities.
And as long as you allow yourself,
To invite and welcome a pretense.
I’m going to do the same to you.
And when I do that…
I’m not seeking to make sense.
Not at all.
If you want to give me anything.
Give me something to enhance my peace of mind.
Give me something I can return to you!
Like being real and genuine!
‘And I didn’t mean for those last lines to rhyme.
But you know I am a writer.
Did you know I was a fighter…
For the right to love, too? ‘

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