And I don’t change the World by the things I do or say
I’m not one of importance and I’ve always been that way.
I’m not one of importance I’m just an ordinary bloke
Still I don’t lack in humour and I can laugh at a joke
And I can weep for others my heart is not of stone
For those who can’t feel compassion will always feel alone.
I’m not one of importance I’m just a man of rhyme
Though some may see my efforts as a big waste of time
In a World where money matters I’m not seen as a success
Though I have known a little of the gift of happiness.
I’m not one of importance one who stand out in a crowd
And I am not the type of son of whom a mother would feel proud
But we all can’t be successful and run big companies
And factory bosses without their workers would not have their factories.
I’m not seen as important and big decisions I don’t make
Yet when I go to bed at night I sleep until daybreak
And I’d rather be as I am now than an insomniac millionaire
For I have little worries and I know little care.

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