I’M There

Hey little one, I love you so
There’s something I’ll tell you.

When I look at you and
Your childish ways,
I’m constantly reminded of
My innocent childhood.

How I once was
Free and thoughtless.
I didn’t know
The cares of the world.

The way you prance about,
The way you skip and dance,
The way you chatter ceaselessly
Brings tears to my eyes.

One day, my child, you’ll realize
How hard and difficult life is.
When an innocent word you utter
Will be held against you.

How every good deed of yours
Goes in vain.
But be not worried, my little angel,
For I am with you.

I’ve walked up this thorn filled road
And I’ll see you through.

Just hold my hands and stay close by
For when the road’s rough,
Without knowing, you’ll already be
Up in m loving arms.

With me, you are safe.
No more fear for your little heart.
I’ve bore the scars of this life,
Now all I care about is you.

Remember, however hard you have it,
I am there, right next to you.

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